Do you experience your day to day information provisioning as a steady growing nuisance? Do you, little by little, get sick and tired of everyday’s minor and major confusions?

Is it your express wish to quickly understand the information you get and to simply know what to do next when experiencing it? Just like:

Well…, then you sure could use the helping hand of an Information Roundabout!

Being alive in modern and full-blown information society – cooperating and collaborating with many others; civilians, businesses and governmental institutions – compels you to see, decide and act swiftly and confidently. The helping hand of an Information Roundabout durably supplies you with clear and meaningful information fitting any situation at (your) hand. In other words: true interoperability – at the human level – comes within your reach.

Fortunately…, that’s not all. With an Information Roundabout you also enjoy some – very beneficial – ‘side-effects’:

  • You get rid of your information inconsistencies
  • You get rid of your duplicates of duplicates of duplicates of … information
  • You significantly reduce the time-to-market of your changed/new business services
  • You significantly increase your adaptability to change
  • You significantly reduce your costs of information provisioning

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