Human Interoperability

Some decades ago we could ‘simply’ talk about interoperability without having the (gut) feeling that something was somehow not all right. Since then ICT started to permeate and significantly change our societies and businesses. And nowadays… it is very useful to think and talk differently about interoperability.

My intention with my presentation on Human Interoperability is to point out to you that we nowadays need to distinguish between:

  • Technical interoperability
    Technical artefacts need to be interoperable at the technical level. Meaningless bits and bytes need to transported and reproduced again in exactly the same sequences as they were produced. And connected machines need to be able to robustly communicate with each other in order to secure this.
  • Human Interoperability
    Humans need to be interoperable at the… human level. Therefore information needs to be organised systematically in order to be able to provide any human being with situational meaning at every moment and where ever he/she needs it.

I truly hope that you become (more) aware of the qualitative difference between technical interoperability and human interoperability.

I also truly hope that you agree with me that human interoperability is where it is all about (and also that technical interoperability is a necessary but insufficient precondition for human interoperability).

Please do enjoy (and process) the presentation Human Interoperability!

September 2011, Copyright (c) 2011 – Jan van Til/Information Roundabout

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