Green Information

Green datacenters, green hardware, green systems software, green application software. Believe it or not: it really all starts with … green information! Unfortunately green information didn’t manage to get the attention it so much deserves – yet. Living in a … Continue reading

The Hinge Pin Principle

Let’s consider a simple hinge – consisting of two leafs and a single hinge pin. One of the leafs firmly integrates with, say, ‘world’ A; the other leaf with ‘world’ B. And the modest hinge pin, easily overlooked as it … Continue reading

The Core of Information Oriented Architecture

Did you ever notice that the vast majority of ICT people hardly talk about information and its fundamental characteristics? They do talk nineteen to the dozen about technical stuff like Object Oriented (OO), like Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), like Enterprise … Continue reading

What’s Really New Here?

What exactly do you see when you are introduced to something really, really new? To something you never ever saw before? To something you have no associations with? What exactly do you see in such a situation? What did the … Continue reading

Person Numbers

Introduction. The Person Number model presented in this article elaborates on the Natural Persons model. Ideally all Natural Persons are formally related to one or more Sovereign States. In reality they can be related and in case they are, they … Continue reading