About: Jan van Til

Jan van Til

Is an Information Engineer:

  • Heavily interested in and committed to the very human side of information processing: Human Interoperability.
  • Agree: the technical side is important as well – we can’t do without anymore, but… Never Ever primary.
  • Instead: it’s all about human behaviour…
  • based on: the humanly assigned meaning to information signalled to each of us by means of our very own senses. Individually as well as situationally.

Is Convinced that:

  • Technology serves human beings (that’s all).
  • Meaning of information continually comes – both individually and situationally – into (human) being…
  • … and cannot be meaningful – i.e. durable defined at forehand.

Is Focussed on:

  • The standardisation of meaning of information…
  • because… that yields the most effective (and efficient) human behaviour in a very, very wide variety of ever evolving situations.

Is Trying hard to:

  • Create and develop…
  • insight and interest and enthusiasm…
  • for the ground breaking notion that every human being is, in fact, a responsible participant in information traffic…
  • on – metaphorically speaking – Information Roundabouts: continually gathering and sharing meaningful information with other, fellow, participants.
  • Each participant, in fact, being fully interdependent of all of the other participants.
  • Why? To make most effective (and efficient) behaviour happen all the time. To significantly help develop information society. Safe, reliably and trustworthy. Do our why’s sufficiently match?

Can be Contacted:

  • Contact Form at this website: Contact.
  • Mail: jan #at# information-roundabout #dot# eu
  • Phone: +31 6 42 55 35 29
  • Post: H.J. van Til; Kraanvogelstraat 146; 9713 BS Groningen; The Netherlands