About: Information Roundabout

Information Roundabout

In ordinary traffic a roundabout is a facility that, unfortunately, forces you to take a (usually) small roundabout route. Yet…, yet it greatly aids in a freer circulation of all of ‘its’ traffic – including you, as a single participant!

Such traffic roundabouts supply you with a faster connection than would be possible using traditional crossings. On balance – the roundabout route versus the faster connection… on balance traffic participants experience more (valued) freedom – a freer circulation.

An Information Roundabout is, just like a traffic roundabout, an extra facility. It’s a, say, small roundabout route op top of existing facilities for your information provisioning. An Information Roundabout is meant to significantly improve information traffic. Information not only arrives more quickly, but that information is also capable of structurally conveying the intended situational meaning. Just wondering… why would anyone still use traditional information crossings?

On balance all participants in information traffic manifest more effective and efficient behaviour. Clear situational meaning significantly improves our productivity. And information society – including businesses, civilians and governmental institutions – progresses considerably too.

An Information Roundabout is an infrastructural facility. Vast numbers of varying and various participants in information traffic all use that one and single infrastructural (type of) facility. How? By conforming their behaviour (yes, that’s what it costs – every single one of us) to the requirements of that facility. Don’t we all keep to the right (or left) – and play by the other rules as well to keep traffic as a whole smoothly going in order to reach our individual destinations/goals?

In doing so, we all greatly benefit from an Information Roundabout – in our very own and very individual ways. Personally and Societally. We all get/share our information faster and at a much higher quality level: ever clear situational meaning inciting more effective and efficient behaviour. Isn’t that what you – and all of us – want?