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Systematic Organisation of Information

Did you ever wonder why you organise your information the way you do? What the strengths and weaknesses of that way of organising are? Did you? This article introduces a systematic way of organising information. A way that – most … Continue reading

Situational Meaning

Did you know that the vast majority of ICT-educated people are thoroughly trained to believe that meaning of information is fixed and can be defined at forehand? Did you know that most otherwise-educated people know that meaning of information depends on … Continue reading

An Infrastructural Facility

An Information Roundabout is an infrastructural facility. What does that mean? The word infrastructure is composed of infra and structure. Infra means below. Therefore an infrastructure is a structure that supports and facilitates other, say, above-of-it structures and manifests itself … Continue reading

Human Interoperability

Some decades ago we could ‘simply’ talk about interoperability without having the (gut) feeling that something was somehow not all right. Since then ICT started to permeate and significantly change our societies and businesses. And nowadays… it is very useful to think and … Continue reading

Semiotic Ennead

C.S. Peirce (1839-1914) very much realised himself that something fundamental was still missing in ‘his’ Semiotic Triad. But he didn’t really manage to develop a structural solution to fill in the gap. Peirce, however, did articulate an essential relationship between … Continue reading