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Natural Persons

Introduction. In almost every real life situation it is Natural Persons that manifest themselves in various as well as varying capacities. Therefore it seems wise and natural to introduce systematic information modeling with Natural Persons. The Systematic Information Model (SIM) … Continue reading


An Information Roundabout is an infrastructural facility that is meant to significantly improve human interoperability. As such it requires a systematic organisation of information. And a systematic organisation of information, in turn, requires a method for systematic information modeling. Currently … Continue reading

Just Thinking

Are you aware of the way you usually think? Although this question may sound a little weird – even inappropriate perhaps, it is not. Why? Reaching a real level of understanding of the information presented on this website requires you … Continue reading

Object Orientation’s Credentials

Who are you? Can you give me a description? Ruis [1] answers this question by describing himself as a… hole. And a hole, as you know, always needs ‘things’ around it to be able to manifest itself as a hole. … Continue reading

A Faster Horse

Henry Ford once said [1]: “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” Ford had something ‘rather’ different in mind. It was an idea that was almost incomprehensible – at that time. By now … Continue reading