The idea of an Information Roundabout emerged the moment my former employer (Gasunie) came up with the vision of becoming the gas roundabout of north-west Europe. A strikingly powerful metaphor – to say the least!

At that very moment… I realised that being (or becoming) a you-name-it-roundabout nowadays almost inescapably requires a full fledged and strongly intertwined Information Roundabout to sustain it, to develop it, to be successful with it. Well….

But, then…, what is an Information Roundabout really all about? Why would you possibly want one? And what is it that drives me to persistently propagate this Information Roundabout concept?

The ‘About’ section of this website provides you with the (beginnings of) answers to these questions. Feel free to use the links provided here or use the site navigation bar.

A special mention…
Right now, I feel it is important to especially mention two persons, two Masters that enlighten(ed) me to see ‘things’ outside and beyond the common and familiar boxes: Pieter Wisse and Jaap van Rees [1].

Jaap’s information architecture training (2001/2002) pushed the first part of my, say, awakening. I moved from a good old traditional and technical ICT orientation towards an information and human orientation.
My next and far more important developmental step was a Mind-Expanding one – sparked to me by Pieter Wisse. Pieter made me finally (yes, I admit, it took ‘some’ time) deeply realise that meaning of information cannot be determined at forehand, but continually comes – literally – into (human) being depending on the ever developing situations at hand.

1. Unfortunately Jaap van Rees removed his web content in 2012.