Energy Roundabout aches for information roundabout

Recently I Googled for “Energy Roundabout”. Zero hits – a (fairly) new term, indeed! However, Google did come up with “The Netherlands is ambitious to become Europe’s gas roundabout” for an answer. What’s that? A gas roundabout consists of a … Continue reading

An intermediary metasystematics

In this paper the authors aim to show how the system approach may be infinitely extended. Metasystematics supplies a formal framework for professionalizing inter- and transdisciplinary work including coordinated research. We’ll be coming full circle concluding that a metasystematics for the system … Continue reading

Architecture of Information

Meaning is key to information. Meaning is attached to it by its receiver. It’s the senders assignment to minimize the gap between his intended meaning and the meaning a receiver attaches to it. Just to keep communication sensible! Successful communication … Continue reading

Information Modeling for Context Aware Systems

Human beings are context aware – by nature. How about our modern information systems? They really should be, but they are not! Truly context aware systems require contextually modeled information. Did you know that? We need contextual information modeling capabilities … Continue reading

Green Information

Green datacenters, green hardware, green systems software, green application software. Believe it or not: it really all starts with … green information! Unfortunately green information didn’t manage to get the attention it so much deserves – yet. Living in a … Continue reading